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We’re proud to be your fantasy football partner through highly bespoke and custom made merchandise for your fantasy football team and league. Here at Fantasy Football Figures, we help you, the fantasy player, with top-grade and unique T-shirts, hats, hoodies, coffee mugs, and football figurines, personalized for your team.

From production to design, we employ socially conscious manufacturers and designers to ensure that each item looks, fits, and feels great for you. Also, our design and printing processes are done in-house, with every piece of object getting test printed to ensure the highest quality.

We see our customers, the fantasy players, as stars of their football world, whose love and taste for fantasy football must need to be satisfied with an altogether comfy, trendy and highly cost-effective modeled apparels and merchandise of their fantasy football teams.

At all times, we work hard to see that you’re pleased with your every purchase, leaving you with the feel-good impression. This is who we are and what we do at Fantasy Football Figures — materializing fantasy to your satisfaction.

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Reaction Figures makes high-quality customized figurines for promotional events, PR, trade show giveaways, merchandising and gift shops. With over 7 years of experience we have mastered the art of customized toy figurines and have an absolute commitment to provide our customers with a courteous, reliable and professional service. 


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You don't have to be a professional football player to enjoy the glory. Whether you are an amateur, a fantasy football expert, a tailgater or simply a fan of the game -  it's your time to shine, so get in the game, show your football identity, and bring your fantasy football team to life with our awesome fantasy football personalized items!

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